The primary goal of all small business owners in South Africa is to see their businesses grow. One sure way to achieve this is by hiring a good accountant for your business. 14% of business owners believe that accountants help reduce taxes to a lesser extent, 62% believe they do all they can to cut tax costs, and 24% aren’t sure of their role in accounting. A good accountant can reduce risk, ensure compliance with regulations, provide business advice, develop growth strategies, and plan ahead. As such, it is very important to hire the perfect accountant for your small business. Here is how you can find the perfect accountant for your business.

Look for Referrals

One of the best ways to find a perfect accountant for small businesses in South Africa is by asking for referrals and recommendations from other companies. This ensures that you get a competent candidate for the position. You can also talk to your friends and find out about any accountants they have worked with before. 

Search for Accountant Near Me 

Another alternative is also to search for an accountant near me online. You can then create a shortlist that will act as a guideline for the perfect candidates for the job. Whilst shortlisting candidates, ensure that the candidates you will talk to match the requirements for the work you require done for your business, i.e., their area of expertise matches your requirements.

Check Qualifications

Prospective candidates should be able to produce their qualifications as evidence of their knowledge. The last thing you want for your business is an incompetent accountant, hence the need to verify qualifications before committing to hiring someone. Apart from checking qualifications, you must also keep in mind that Accountants must be affiliated with a regulatory board. It’s also good practice to check that they are in good standing with their board as this is a reflection of their work ethics which are important characteristics of a perfect accountant.

Conduct Interviews

After thorough research and shortlisting, you need to conduct interviews to iron out important issues before establishing a working relationship. These include you clearly sharing your expectations with the accountant and also seeking all essential information regarding the accountant you will be working with. Of importance is asking that they clarify their rates, the accounting software they use, the turnaround time, and communication, amongst other things. 

Hiring the perfect accountant will mark the beginning of a life-long journey for your business. If you are interested in hiring the perfect accountant for your business, get in touch with The Books Consulting Pretoria. We are a small business consulting service that provides financial services support to all types of businesses in all sectors.

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