Many small businesses in South Africa are moving from in-house accounting to outsourced services. This makes a lot of financial sense. There are a lot of benefits that you will get from outsourcing your accounting. For instance, it will free up your staff so they can work on the more important business-related tasks. Apart from that, you will also be tapping into skills and expertise that might not be available in your business by hiring outsourced accounting services. 

The Books Consulting offers monthly accounting packages at a flat fee. This is easier to handle financially, and you can have everything done for you by a team of dedicated and skilled accountants. 

Do Thorough Research

Before you start trying to engage an external accounting firm, you must do proper research to make a more informed decision. There are many different types of accounting services providers. For instance, some accountants focus on large-scale accounting solutions, and some deal more with small businesses. The latter will identify your business needs and know exactly how to help you make the most of your opportunities. 

If you are engaging a new accountant, be honest with them. Discuss all your long-term and short-term goals and see if they can handle what you need effectively. You can also sit and talk with several accountants before you make your decision. It’s better to try a few and get the best one than settle for the first one you encounter. 

Check out this guide on hiring the best accountant for your business.

Plan Ahead of Time

The transition from in-house to outsourced accounting can be tedious and complicated. That is why you need to do proper planning without rushing things. Talk to your accountant and find out how long it might take to transition. Most small businesses take about two to four weeks to complete everything. 

Communicate Properly

One of the most important elements when transitioning from in-house to outsourced accounting is communication. First, you need to ensure that your accountant knows exactly what you need. Apart from that, you also have to set clear boundaries and guidelines before you start working together. You must also inform them about the current issues that your business has been trying to deal with. Lastly, make sure they know all about your business goals so they can start working on them straight away. 

Ready for a New Accountant?

Trying to do everything under one roof can seem like a good idea at first, but as your business grows, you will need someone with the proper expertise and time to handle your bookkeeping and accounts for you. The Books Consulting offers a full package of services to help your business grow and accomplish its long and short-term goals.

Our goal is to deliver remarkable outcomes for our clients by sitting with them and ensuring that we understand what they are dealing with and where they want to be.

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