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Quality and timeous bookkeeping and financial reporting for Individuals and SMMEs

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We Offer Quality, Timeous Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial, and Tax Services for South African Businesses.

Payroll And Pay Slips Preparation

Monthly Management Accounts

Profit And Loss Statement/ Bank Reconciliation

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Annual Financial Statement


The Books Accounting is a black-owned organization that was established in the year 2013. We provide quality accounting, bookkeeping, financial and tax services in Gauteng, South Africa. Our with fresh and innovative solutions are tailor-made to address the specific needs of small to medium sized business in South Africa. Through our services, we aim to add value to our clients by assisting them to achieve their own short and long term goals, sustainable growth and to have a renewed and/or enlightened perspective of their business finances.

Why should I choose a monthly accounting package?

Monthly accounting services offer significantly more value when compared to yearly services. If an accountant only goes over your numbers annually, it might be too late for you to apply their advice and make your year more profitable. It will also be too late to reduce your tax liability for that particular year.

Here are five ways monthly accounting for your business pays for itself

1) You save a lot of time

2) You get business profitability tips on time

3) You can rest assured that your finances are always in order

4) Lower tax liability,

5) Your financial decisions will be proactive.

How can I quickly transition from in-house to outsourced professional accounting?

Making business changes can be tricky. However, preparing your business to switch to outsourced accounting services shouldn’t be too difficult. First, you need to find a financial partner who is a perfect fit for your business needs. Once you have found a good accounting firm, plan and set realistic and measurable goals. Also, take time to plan your budget and look into potential obstacles. Here are some more tips to help you transition from in-house accounting to an outsourced professional accounting firm like The Books Consulting

Is it Necessary to Seraparate my Business and Personal Finances?

Many small business owners in South Africa face the problem of not being able to separate their personal and business finances. This behavior creates a lot of issues when it comes to tax time. Apart from that, it will be almost impossible to track the profitability of the company. 

Unfortunately, if you get audited by SARS, you could face a lot of costly fines. You must always keep these two apart so you can preserve your sanity and run your business sustainably. Here is some advice to help you separate the two – Tips to Separate by Business and Personal Finances

How Do I Know if I Have Outgrown my Accounting Services Provider?

Your business will keep growing. As you expand and start serving more customers, your accounting needs change from a year ago. Here are some signs you’ve outgrown your accounting firm: 

1) They start making errors when filing things due to increased complexity

2) They can give you sound advice for financial plans and business expansion moves.

3) They can’t help you to secure more capital for your business expansion needs. 


Find out more about these signs in this article – 5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Accounting Firm

Does Better Accounting Have an Impact on My Bottom Line?

Measuring finances is a major problem for small businesses in South Africa. Unfortunately, poor business financial management is the reason why small South African businesses fail. If you lack a proper financial system, your small business can suffer greatly. 


For instance:

  • You will lose a lot of revenue
  • You will incur losses due to insufficient tax planning
  • Missed financial opportunities. 


A monthly accounting service from The Books Consulting will cover your:

Profit and loss statements

Monthly balance sheets

Regular account reconciliation. 

This will enable you to maintain control of your business’s financial situation. The Books Consulting will do all this on your behalf while you focus on running your business.

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Whether offering advice or handling all of your accountancy needs, THE BOOKS ACCOUNTING brings expertise and experience to your business.
By making sense of your finances we put you in charge and allow the numbers to help you grow, not hold you back.

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